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Accredited Training Academy 

Design and implementation of training programs, responding to the requirements of the application of deliverables of the consultancy assignments:

  1. Broad spectrum of training programs, covering both open-enrollment and contractual tailor-made programs, delivered to a broad customer base.

  2. Use up-to-date materials, employing state-of-the-art interactive techniques, enriched by case-studies, practical exercises, role-playing, simulation, discussion groups and business games.

  3. Highly qualified, able, and well-known trainers and resource persons, attracted directly from the field, to ensure the effectiveness of the skill acquisition process.

  4. World-class logistical services, delivered at all training venues, and at all times, to all segments of our Arab-global customer base.

  5. Successful fulfilment of program requirements, enabling the participant to obtain accredited certificates, while the fulfilment of the requirements of six training weeks (or 150 hours), covering closely-related programs, lead to accredited professional diplomas. Some certificates and professional diplomas are granted in cooperation with Arab and international organizations.

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