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Professional Diplomas
Successful fulfillment of program requirements, enabling the participant to obtain accredited certificates, while the fulfillment of the requirements of six training weeks (or 150 hours), covering closely-related programs, lead to accredited professional diplomas. Some certificates and professional diplomas are granted in cooperation with Arab and international organizations

Professional Diploma Requirements:​

  1. Training hours accumulate gradually, in favor of the participant, so that the fulfilment of (150) hours, within a specific specialization, enables the participant to obtain “Professional Diploma”

  2. Continuous fulfilment of the (150) hours, within a certain timetable is not required; rather the participant could gradually complete attendance requirements.

  3. Timetable is arranged with the customer in the case of contractual training programs, so that the participant is finally awarded the diploma.

  4. The participant will obtain the professional diploma, together with the certificate of the last program which completes the required (150) hours.

  5. No additional fees are charged for awarding the diploma, because these fees were already paid for its relevant programs.

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