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PCT is led by highly professional Teams including:

  1. Professor Dr. Khalil M. H. Al-Shamma’, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Leader of Consulting and Training Teams.

  2. Chief Executive Officer

  3. Chief, Consulting Teams

  4. Chief, Training Teams

  5. Chief, Support Service Teams

  6. Consortium Partners

​​Delivery Modalities

  1. Our modality for the implementation of consultancy assignment and training programs consists of a set of phases, covering inputs, processes and outputs, for basic and support activities, proposed systems, delivery of consultancy assignments and training programs.

  2. Design and implementation of training programs, associated with the specific consultancy assignment, complying with global standards, and the characteristics of the organization demanding consultancy.

  3. Commitment to implement consultancy phases and the contents of training programs, according to global standards, applied by well-known consulting and training institutions.

  4. Availability of the opportunity for the participation of responsible officers in the design and implementation processes of the consultancy deliverables, in-line-with global requirements.

  5. Each training program, associated with the consultancy assignment, is executed as a workshop, using PowerPoint presentation, enriched by various practical applications, in accordance with its nature and characteristics.

  6. Present sample solutions for exercises and case-studies, after attempts by the participants to solve them.

Specialized Skills

PCT selects highly qualified consulting experts and globally accredited trainers, who enjoy professional excellence in the fields, consultancy assignments and training programs, who gained professional distinction, as appraised by the beneficiary customers. This will empower them to employ the fruits of consulting and training, right in the field, to add value and meet targeted objectives. PCT considers the realization of customer objectives as its success criterion.

Service Uniqueness

You are, therefore, realizing key positive points, when contracting with us, to obtain consulting and training services, among which are the following:

  1. Delivery of assignments according to global standards.

  2. Accreditation of program certificates (by the Center of Accreditation and Quality Assurance).

  3. Coverage of a wide spectrum of specializations.

  4. Well-known resource persons in the field.

  5. Deep understanding of the socio-economic characteristics of our customer-base.

  6. Delivery in several languages.

  7. Broad sectoral coverage.

  8. Coverage of all Arab countries and abroad.

  9. Operation within a large Arab- global consortium.

  10. Above all, our market reputation.

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