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Chairman of the Board visit to the International Commercial Arbitration center 26/04/2016
Prof. Dr. Khalil Al Shamma Chairman, Board of Directors, has visited the International Commercial Arbitration center in Najaf Chamber of Commerce - the Republic of Iraq, and discussed possibilities of cooperation in the fields of training courses that include several disciplines and levels. PCT will organize another visit aimed at signing a memorandum of understanding in this regard.
Advanced training course in International Arbitration 27/04/2016
PCT participated in the advanced training course in the field of International Arbitration held by the Federation of Arab Engineers and the Iraqi Engineers Union in Baghdad / Al-Mansour Hotel. Dr. Mohammed Odeh has introduced a paper on international arbitration engineering. It has been discussed and has attracted wide attention from the participants.
News 2
Cooperation with Iraqi Engineers Union 28/04/2016
PCT is Currently negotiating with the Iraqi engineers Union in Baghdad to sign a memorandum of understanding to join the broad Arab-global consortium led by our company as well as a memorandum of understanding in the field of training.
News 3
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